In this area we store the raw material and then to begin the process of integrated manufacturing.
Together with the raw material reception, the corresponding checks are performed to monitor whether the set parameters are met. Likewise, we perform tests to finished products to ensure they meet the quality requirements of good manufacturing practices requested by A.N.M.A.T. (National Food, Drug and Medical Technology Administration).
Canvas and gauzes are weaved here independent and effectively by our two weaving lines.
We wash, whiten and dry canvas, straight and tubular gauze. Gauzes are then derived to the clean area and the canvas to section ovens.
It is performed the application of the back, calendering and gluing process of the canvas, in order to obtain, by default diversity of colors, widths and textures.
The large rolls coming out of the ovens area are transformed into finished goods.
Under controlled conditions of pressure, temperature and isolation, we made folding, slicing and packaging of the tubular and straight gauze.
With or without palletizing, according to every customer requests.